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A short personal review on Onda v820w

There was a sale on Qoo10, that sells a windows 8 (genuine) tablet for $99! Even android tablets usually cost more than that. I thought it was a good deal and ordered 1 for myself to test it out.

It is 8 inch in size, pretty much single hand holdable by me. It is very light too, as it is made mainly out of cheap plastic.


1) Doesn’t work well with all stylus, especially those with rubber tip. I tried Dagi stylus and it worked pretty ok but….

2) The screen gets scratched easily, my Dagi stylus left numerous scratches on the screen. Probably I should have ordered a tempered glass screen protector.

3) Memory space is very little, for 16GB it is sufficient for windows 8 and Office 365. I don’t really like Office 365, so I uninstalled it and installed Office 2013 instead. In the end my memory only left approximately 1 GB. So I had to buy a 64GB micro SD card ($26 from Qoo10) and install other programmes into the SD card.

4) Battery life isn’t that great, watching videos etc probably last around 4 – 5 hours? If is just looking at documents then it should last around 7 – 8 hours.

5) The windows version is in Chinese, so you will need to do switching to English, even so it will not be 100% in English.

6) No usb port, but a micro usb port so you will need an adapter to connect usb items.


1) The screen resolution is pretty good, probably because it is just 8 inch instead of 10 inch and beyond.

2) The processor and 2 GB ram makes running of programmes smoothly. A lot of tablets at this price range only offer 1 GB ram.

3) It’s windows, so you can open and work on office documents without worry about compatibility.

4) I bought a dual OS, means I can switch between android and windows in 1 device.

5) It has a micro HDMI port, which is really useful if you want to project the tablet to an external screen, such as tv or projector while giving a lecture.

In summary, I find it a good buy at $99, as now I can carry a portable windows tablet and do some work while on the go. 8 inch means I can put in a mini bag and easily hand hold it while standing on bus or MRT. If you are looking for a more complete package, i.e. with longer battery life or stylus then maybe Lenovo or Dell tablets would be a better choice, however they also come at a higher price, probably twice of Onda’s price or more.