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Review: Edusnap Part 2 (Not so great afterall)

I have reviewed Edusnap probably 2 weeks ago and I found the app to be noble in idea on how students are able to receive academic help from kind souls anytime. Edusnap was also featured in the news a couple of days ago.

However being one of the more active people offering help to people in need, I realised that this app has a serious downside: People abuse it to get answers to questions without any / minimal effort on their own.

This app, used in the hands of the wrong people have made them more lazy and reliant on others.

I took a snapshot of one of the requestor:


I may be wrong but it seems to me that this person is simply asking people to do his / her homework so that he / she can submit in time tomorrow.

Not just that : The creators of Edusnap mentioned that the helpers should offer hints and not spoon feed the solutions. However there seems to be no moderator around to deter such behaviour.

It may be a “hype” using technology but is it really helpful to all? Or is it merely a form of entertainment compared to handwriting and wrecking one’s brain to find the solutions on his / her own?

Review: Edusnap

I came across this application through random google search and decided to download it onto my android phone to test it out.


Basically the idea is you have a question on any subject, you can just take a snapshot of the question and just *scream* for help. Any kind souls with the answers will reply back taking a snapshot of their solutions. Others may post comments on the questions of the solutions provided.

1213As far as I know, you cannot access to the poster’s or answer provider’s information. This includes their email address even if they want to share. This actually makes it hard for tutors trying to promote themselves by offering free help.

14It is pretty organised in the sense that you can attach your question according to level and topics. Students  who need some reference just for knowledge sake can come to the menu for easy access.

Overall my experience with this app is pretty positive, just that sometimes it crashes with my phone. Another area of improvement is that whenever you go back to the question page it does not stay at your previous position and you have to search for it all over again. Since this is free, I thought it is good for students to post questions and train their mastery skills through providing solutions. However I suspect some parents uses this platform to find answers for their kids instead. I have seen adult posters asking primary school math questions.

This is not encouraged as I believe one way to learn is to let the kid’s hands get dirty.