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Question that is not well thought out.


My student had difficulty showing that 3 < A < 3.75 and I was stuck for a couple of seconds too. Reason? The question did not state clearly how many rectangles are required. The answer is 2 rectangles, but if a student used 3 or more rectangles or 2 rectangles that are different from what the setter has in mind, then they would probably not get the values 3 and 3.75.

The setter did not consider enough when setting this question.

PJC’s unique syllabus

A new JC 1 student from PJC joined one of my classes today and I realise she doesn’t fit into any of the lessons I am conducting. Reason? PJC is adopting a syllabus that is different from the majority of the JCs or IPs.

PJC chose to begin with vectors, which is voted to be one of the 2 HARDEST topic for Pure Math section. Most schools would start with either 1) Graphing Techniques or 2) Sequence and series. I am not sure what signal PJC is trying to give their students but the students will be struggling in school due to the difficulty level of the topic, plus they will find it very hard to fit into tuition classes because the rest are doing something else.

Why teachers are not the same as (most) tutors

I came across a facebook post, sent by my friend’s student from PJC. It’s heartwarming that students appreciate what teachers provide them with in school apart from content knowledge and exam preparation skills. This is something that most private tutors cannot provide unless he / she is also a former teacher.


I am a little annoyed or sad that recently there have been straits’ times posts “attacking” teachers on how incompetent they are. No one really knows the amount of work each teacher has to do to provide a HOLISTIC education: Academic, emotional and mental support, social skills, life skills, etc. In fact I am pretty sure that a significant portion of parents provide less of such aspects to their children compared to teachers.