Why is your child’s grade not improving???

Why is your child not performing in school after so much hard work?


1) Students are unable to catch up with the lecturer’s pace!

3The students have to catch up to the lecturer’s pace! Not the other way round. If a student is lost, it is unlikely that the lecturer / tutor will re-teach the entire chapter again (they have so many students to look after).

Lost in lecture –> Spent hours staring at tutorial problems not able to do anything –> Tutorial lesson busy copying answers –> Pretend tutorial is completed.

End of the day? NOTHING is learnt.

2) Students unable to find teacher for consultation at regular frequency.


Meetings, many students to attend to, administrative work, CCAs are reasons why school teachers are unable to pay sufficient attention to your child.

This leads to students feeling neglected, lost, and no confidence in the subject and eventually gives up on the subject.

3) School tutorials does not fit everyone’s learning needs.


Some school’s tutorial lacks instructional scaffolding. The myth is that drilling more questions is good. However if a student is not solid in their concepts and the first question is a difficult one, they will just give up on trying.

Tutorials not done –> Go lesson copy answers –> Chuck it aside, assuming work is done –> NOTHING LEARNT!

4) Wait till near exams then drill on exam papers / ask questions

5Suppose you are in JC 1 and 6 – 7 months of lessons have passed and the year end exam is coming. If in the 6 to 7 months you have accumulated too many doubts and questions. It would not be logical to think that you can resolve them in 1 week. Drilling on papers with plenty of blanks and no one to explain doesn’t help in improvement.

5) Distractions by 21st century invention

6Mobile devices, computers, televisions, comfortable beds are distractions at home which reduces the efficiency of your child’s revision. Probably one day’s school work can be covered in 1 to 2 hour, but due to time wasted on distractions, they ended up having to spend 3 or 4 hours.

More distractions –> more time required –> fewer work done or fewer sleep –> no improvement in results.



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