How Mr Ang can help your child

1) I will be able to gauge and adjust my pace in a small group or 1 to 1 tuition


In a small group when I understand everyone’s ability well, I will adjust my pace so that no man is left behind. Students who learn faster may proceed to try out problems while students who need more time can continue to think and ask questions.

2) Tuition sessions are fixed and weekly


This means that your student will definitely be able to see me at least once a week as I have reserved the timeslot specially to a particular tuition session. There will be chances for students to ask questions pertaining to their school work and clear their doubts quickly.

A tutor’s main job is to coach the students. No administration, CCAs to handle. This means that a tutor is specialised into academic coaching (maybe more than a school teacher).

3) Customised materials

9I will gauge a student’s ability and create worksheets of various level of difficulty categorised nicely. This means that each student will be able to start from a level he or she is comfortable with and progress. It also helps to build confidence which is very important in the process of learning. More confidence –> more enjoyable –> more efficient.

4) Consistent preparation


I will usually plan ahead of students’ revision so that they will progress slowly to prepare ahead of a major test weeks in advance rather than preparing them at the very last minute. Occasion revisions of past topics will also be carried out to ensure that the content remains fresh in students’ mind instead of learning all over again.

5) Tuition session = no distraction

11Having a tutor beside the child or in a small class would encourage the student to be in 100% focus learning and doing revision. Under close supervision, students are unlikely to be distracted by mobile equipment. Furthermore, in a class there are no televisions, beds, food to distract them.

If you are willing to let Mr Ang help your child, click here.

For Mr Ang’s schedule, click here.

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