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Homework God? God is there to help not for money right?

Courtesy of, one may refer to the full story in the link

This idea is not new, there are apps available providing help in homework online. However the ones I encountered has a much greater strengths:

1) This “god hotline” requires $, the apps I reviewed are free.

2) We are not sure who are the ones behind generating the answers, it could be one person or a small team. However the apps I reviewed allows anyone to contribute, check the answers posted and provide comments on how to improve the solutions. In a way the “god hotline” solutions may not be fool proof.

These ideas may start with a noble thought of helping students but it can be easily abused in 2 manners:

1) People using it as a source of quick cash by requesting money for solutions,

2) Parents or students rely on the help available to do the work for them instead of trying them out on their own.

What do you think?

Why you should invest in a professional tutor

I came across a student asking for help in EduSnap, a mobile app which let students have the chance to post their questions and kind souls answer.

This is the question on vectors (7iii)


and one man named “h2mathtutor” provided a WRONG answer!


There are 2 mistakes:

1) The labelling of vertices should be in order (anticlockwise or clockwise),

2) The working should use cross product instead of dot product. However using cross product is redundant because one already uses it in (ii). Hence a smart student should link (iii) with (ii). I.e. the perpendicular distance from C to AB is the perpendicular height of the parallelogram. Hence the answer is area of parallelogram in (ii) divide by the length AB (magnitude of vector AB).