A level results of past students


Congratulations to the class of 2015, I am glad to announce that around 90% of my students have shown significant improvement. It was a difficult year for all of us, many of you asked for help in year 2 as you did not pass math before in year 1. It is largely because you all did not give up and worked hard till the end!

*Improvement is defined as the lowest grade from major exams in year 2 to A levels*

1) Junxian (PJC) improved from E to A (4 grades) !

2) Cassie (AJC) improved by E to A (4 grades)!

3) Germaine (JJC) improved from U to B (5 grades)!

4) Nechie (RI) improved from D to B (2 grades)

5) Aini (JJC) improved from U to C (4 grades)

6) Natalie (TPJC) improved by U to C (4 grades)

7) Tim (SAJC) improved from B to A (1 grade)





Congratulations to students of students of 2014 batch, the results are 86% As and Bs.

100% all shown improvement by at least 2 grades (10 to 15 marks)

It’s all due to the students’ hard work and placing their faith in my coaching.

1747280_orig 9884386_orig

Special Mention:

1) Rachel (Prelim U to B) (5 grades)

2) Shermaine (Prelim E to B) (3 grades)

3) Shereen (Prelim C to A) (2 grades)

4) Cassandra (Prelim D  to A) (3 grades)



5) Hazel (E to B) (3 grades)

6) Zann (U to B) (5 grades)

7) Zoey (A) *cannot remember her prelim grade*

8) Jiawei (D to B) (2 grades)

9) Emily (U to C) (4 grades)

10) Clara (A)

11) Sherrie (A)

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