Happy results for H1 Math

I have 2 students who joined my H1 Math small group tuition and their results improved alot.

One of them (male) is from PJC who scored only 20+ marks during mid year but managed to soar to A grade for promos!

Another one (female) from IJC who had a weak foundation for O level math, scoring C and did not do well for mid year, scoring E. However she managed to score 80% for promos!

Great job people. Need help with H1 math? SMS or call 81502027 / 94385929 now!

Good job, your efforts have paid off

An earlier post I mentioned a recent student of mine is struggling very badly in one of the top JCs. All along I feel that she has the potential to do well, just that she needs someone to guide her and bring out that potential.

I am very happy when she sent me a message through whatsapp saying she got a B for her Promos. It shows that my initial judgement was right and I am glad I am able to help her over the past 3 months to improve significantly (she failed all her tests prior to Promos).


I hope this message will let other students out there be aware that if you are willing to try, if you are fortunate to find someone suitable to guide you, there is still a chance to improve.

Effort is important but effort alone is not sufficient, you may be spending hours drilling papers but to no significant improvement.

If you need help, feel free to contact me at 81502027 or 94385929.