Free H2 Math Holiday Revision Lessons

As part of promoting my tuition service, I will be conducting FREE JC Math revision lessons during the November / December holidays. Help “Like” my facebook page to be eligible for the free lessons.


JC 2 will be a tough year, with plenty of tests and every school will be in a rush to finish syllabus by mid-July. That is of course assuming that you have mastered JC 1 topics.

With the holidays, probably the students will forget the JC 1 content and then they will struggle in JC 2 because on one hand he/she has to recap JC 1 content while on the other hand, JC 2 content is taught in a bullet-train speed.

Don’t take the risk, come revise JC 1 content and get ready for JC 2!

Lesson venue / structure / schedule:

Venue 1: Woodlands Street 13 Blk 111 (near Woodlands MRT)

Day / Time: Monday 7 30pm to 9 30pm

Lesson dates: 21/11/16, 28/11/16, 5/12/16, 12/12/16, 19/12/16

Venue 2: Jurong West St 52 Blk 517 (near Lakeside MRT)

Day / Time: Sunday 10am to 12 noon

Lesson dates: 20/11/16, 27/11/16, 4/12/16, 11/12/16, 18/12/16

Venue 3: Jurong West St 52 Blk 517 (near Lakeside MRT)

Day / Time: Saturday 5pm to 7pm

Lesson dates: 19/11/16, 26/11/16, 3/12/16, 10/12/16, 17/12/16

Topics covered (H2):

  1. Functions & Graphs

  2. Sequences & Series

  3. Differentiation application and Integration

  4. Vectors

  5. Complex Numbers

Topics to be covered (H1):

Syllabus A:

1) P&C + Probability

2) Binomial distribution

3) Normal distribution & Sampling distribution

4) Hypothesis Testing

5) Correlation and Regression

Syllabus B:

1) Exponential and Logarithm

2) Graphing, inequalities and quadratic equations

3) Differentiation

4) Integration

5) P&C


Furthermore, if you join my workshop and wish to continue to join my small group tuition, you enjoy up to  $60 discount from the monthly fees.

Usual price: $280 for 4 lessons

Discounted price: $250 per 4 lessons.

“BRING ALONG YOUR FRIEND” PRICE: $220 per 4 lessons (as long as your friend is in the tuition group)