Struggling in a top JC.

Today I met a new student from VJC year 1 having difficulty in many topics taught in school. My initial “diagnosis” of her problems is:

1) VJC uses the spiral approach, as in they do not cover a topic in full, teaching half of it and coming back to the 2nd half a few chapters later. My student don’t feel comfortable jumping topics here and there as this wasn’t the approach in secondary school.

2) Interestingly, VJC taught functions and inequalities before graphing techniques. They gave the students a glimpse of how to use the GC but the formal introduction comes only in graphing technique. This is not that good in my opinion as graphing is useful in functions and inequalities. Hence it should be taught at the beginning and let students master the usage of GC right at the start. Hence my student is clueless on how to use the GC.

3) The student, being pretty lost in the topics could not do the tutorial questions and ended up just copying in class since the tutor merely showed the solutions. There is no learning taking place in school and she is lagging really behind the class. When I was a former teacher, when students have not complete the tutorials I won’t go through in full pace, rather give them some time to finish a few questions.

Completing 2 to 3 questions on their own allows students to learn more than copying solutions to 10 questions and chucking them aside.

Conclusion: Being a student in the top JC doesn’t mean they will cope well as the school assumes all the kids are capable but in reality there will be a minority group that will struggle.

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