Congrats my 2015 students

It is the time of the year again to report my students’ improvements. It’s been a hard and long journey for us,but you all did not give up and hence I was able to boost your grades significantly.

I humbly present my “progress report” for the year 2015.

A level results of past students

In summary:

a) No. of students J2 in 2015: 25


b) Starting grade before tuition:

S and U: 24%, E: 64%, D : 12%, C and above: 0%

before tuition

c) % Improvement (by at least 2 grades): 96%


d) A level grades (do note the grade before they join tuition)

A: 25%, B: 63%, C: 8%, D and E: 4%

after tuition.JPG

One thought on “Congrats my 2015 students”

  1. For me, I measure success by the number of grades jumped.

    For e.g. there is a class of students who are already getting A before they join my class and score A for A levels.

    On the contary there is another class of students who are getting Es and Us and most of them jumped to Bs and even As.

    So which class demostrates the effectiveness of tuition?

    For 2015, most of my students are of the E and U grades before they engage my help, so to be frank percentage of As is only near to 30%, approximately 60% rose to Bs.

    So I hope to be transparent and honest with my results unlike what some tuition centres post 90+% As which to be frank is either a marketing gimmick or they take in students who, by default, are already of A standard.


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