JC 1 has started. What’s next (H1 Math)

The purpose of H1 math is to provide students with sufficient foundation skills to pursue courses that falls under the social science category such as economics,  business, etc.

There is no prerequisite for O level additional mathematics as some of the topics from add. math in O level will be carried forward to H1 math before the students proceed to the A level syllabus.

The main focus for H1 math is at probability and statistics which will be required for courses such as business. In terms of pure math, the bulk will come from differentiation and integration with a bit of other topics such as graphing, inequalities, exponential and logarithmic functions.

So should I take H1 or H2?

One simple answer is: Are you going to pursue science related course in university? Yes: Take H2.

In fact most JCs will offer H2 math as long as the student is in the Science stream. There will be cases whereby a student is allocated to Science stream yet without O level Add. Math background. This is when things get tough as the students are expected to go self – learn Add. math stuff along the way as the school go through the H2 syllabus at a very fast pace.

Regardless of H1 and H2, math is an abstract topic at A level and many students find it difficult. It is important to have a good start at the beginning of the year and be consistent throughout.

Time to consider getting professional help to boost the mathematical skills.

I offer small group tuition and 1 to 1 tuition. Contact me @ 81502027 for more details.

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