Small Group Tuition

I have received some questions on how does my small group tuition work. Let me provided a simple outline of the differences between 1 to 1, a typical tuition class and my small group tuition.


1) Cost (based on MOE trained teacher)

1 to 1 tuition: Typically ranges from $600 to $800 per month.

Tuition class: $300 to $400  per month for a class ranging 8 to 20 students.

My small group: $350 (for 1 or 3 studens) or $250 per month (4 to 6 students).


2) Class size

1 to 1 tuition: 1 student.

Tuition class: Up to 20 students per class.

My small group: Up to 6 students per class.


3) Lesson structure

1 to 1 tuition: The tutor will follow the student’s school syllabus.

Tuition class: Students will follow the tuition centre’s syllabus.

(Note that for JC, different schools teach the topics in different order. Hence it is common that a struggling student may end up learning two topics in 1 week which may not be beneficial for the student.)

My small group: I cater to individual student’s school syllabus.

(Typically it is like a 1 to 1 tuition style but having all the students in the same location. I will allocate time for each student and coach them in a 1 to 1 manner. This is my way to provide 1 to 1 attention at a lower cost to the parents.)


4) Penalty fee for missing a lesson

1 to 1 tuition: Depends on tutor, either a makeup lesson or skip 1 payment.

Tuition class: Unless with MC or official school events, there is no refund for any lessons missed.

My small group: Payment is due at beginning of every 4th lesson. No charge for any lessons missed.


5) Tutor’s qualification

1 to 1 tuition: Parents have the option to choose which tutor to hire.

Tuition class: You may or may not have a MOE trained teacher as a tutor. Some tuition centres hire undergraduates as tutors but charging a fee equivalent of a MOE teacher.

My small group: I am a former JC Math Lecturer and current math lecturer at higher learning institute.


6) Location

1 to 1 tuition: At student’s home.

Tuition class: Beautiful tuition centre (higher cost of rental is included in the higher fees)

My small group: A humble classroom I rent on hourly basis (lower rental = lower fees charged).


7) Discount for needy students

1 to 1 tuition: Depends on how kind is the tutor.

Tuition class: Typically NO.

My small group: Yes, open for discussion with verification provided.

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