Taking national exams is not all about scoring A

A student asked me last night about how nervous she was for A levels and worried if the papers are too difficult she cannot get the grades she needs.

Then I asked her what is the purpose of going through the A level system. Is it for scholarship? Or are you satisfied as long as you can enroll into a university course of your choice?

She mentioned that she is not interested in scholarship but just want to enrol into a course of her choice.

Then I explained that it is about number of vacancies and where you rank among the applicants, not by the absolute scores of your exam papers. If a paper is difficult, everyone underperformed then you may not be at a disadvantage compared to the rest. On the other hand, if a paper is too easy and everyone scores A except you due to some carelessness, then you will be at a huge disadvantage.

Take home message: It is not a “DIE DIE” must get As situation. Important thing is you work hard, get the grades you need to enrol into a course and everyone will start anew since your university grades doesn’t depend on your A level grades.

Personally I was not a straight A student but in University I did better than my peers who were Straight As from the top 2 JCs and got my first class honours (only a small number in my course).

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