Prelim Papers or A level papers?

Less than 3 weeks and A level exams will commence.

At this stage students and parents asked me: Should the students practice prelim papers or A level exam papers?

My answer: Prelim papers should come after a student finds A level papers easy.

If a student is struggling with A level papers, doing prelim papers (harder) may not help in building the foundation, but reduces the level of confidence and the drive to study.

This is why I created this A level Crash course specifically for students who struggle to get an “OK” grade for prelims. To show them A level papers are very different in nature and we should be prepared for that, not prelim papers.

Our prep course has completed 3 lessons successfully. We will be moving on to the 4th lesson this Wednesday. It is not too late to seek help, but time is seriously running out.

Wait and regret? Or take the first step now!

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