Many kids are going for crash course. Is your child in the race too?

It is common for students who have not performed well in their Prelims to be seeking for help in this final chance before the national exams. Hence many tutors, including myself have launched crash courses to help the kids. However not all courses are conducted in the same way. Here’s the article and below is how my crash course differs from some of the other courses.

1) Fees: Out to help or out to chop?

Some charges as much as $800 for 4 lessons (taking the chance to absorb money for desperate students). However I only charge $600 for 12 lessons. My aim is simple: the fees are used mostly to cover rental, only minimal goes in my pocket. However I hope to help as many students, especially those underperforming to improve in the limited time. This is also a way to test out the effectiveness of my teaching method.

2) Sit down and drill or learn something useful?

Several tuition centres just pass the students exam papers to practice for 2 hours while collecting fees over $100 for that piece of worksheet. Drilling helps if the student is able to cope the examination independently for which there is little usefulness of tuition. Here I opt to teach some exam techniques and suggestions on what students should focus in revision, how are the marks awarded, etc. Examination strategies are important, especially when a student may not be as academically strong as other student. Drilling can be done at home, a piece of worksheet cost $1 at most, not $100. Exam strategies are worth much more.

3) Big class vs small groups

Some courses have 20 students or more, which is the same as a class size in Junior College. Over there students listen to the tutor more than the tutor attends to the students. If your child needs serious help, then you will your child to have more attention from the tutor. Let’s face it, in a 2 hour session, how much time can a tutor coach each student if there are 20 or beyond? Small groups are more effective, and here I am keeping my class size up to 6 only. I focus more on producing results rather than earning the money.

Time is running out, if you think you or your child needs the help, sign up as soon as possible, but do find out more on the courses before hand. It is better to join slightly later than to join a course that is not productive at all.

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