Vertices, asymptotes for hyperbola using GC

For H2 A level mathematics, JC students seems to have difficulty in memorising the equations of asymptotes. However the GC can calculate them for you (in a way).


Suppose we want to sketch the graph \displaystyle \frac{{{\left( x-1 \right)}^{2}}}{{{2}^{2}}}-\frac{{{(y-2)}^{2}}}{3}=1

1Step 2: DO NOT PRESS GRAPH. Instead press “ALPHA” + “ENTER”

2The “CENTER” is where the asymptotes intersect and the “SLOPE” is the gradient for each asymptote. By using basic concept of straight line, the asymptotes are \displaystyle y-2=\pm 1.5(x-1).

If the questions are set such that the values are not “nice”, e.g. including surds then the G.C will be unable to give the values in exact form.

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