School teachers as tutors -> good choice?

One of my current student (private tuition) was sharing with me his bad experiences of engaging tutors who are current school teachers.

Tutor 1: Mathematics (Female)
This tutor was late for first lesson by almost 2 hours and came to lesson bringing only 1 single pen. No worksheets prepared, hoping to just sit down answer a few questions like a doctor and charging $100 per hour.

Tutor 2: Chemistry (Female)
This tutor is considered pretty new (below 4 years) of experience in teaching and is charging $100 per hour and not willing to negotiate to cater to the student’s budget of $80 per hour. From my point of view this tutor is only concerned about money rather than helping the student. Mind you, $80 per hour is also alot of money.

There is this student under Financial Assistance Scheme whom I charge $50 for 1 to 1 home tuition PER LESSON!

Tutor 3: Chemistry (Male)
This tutor is referred from Tutor 2 and is accepting $80/hr if the lesson is conducted at his place. He claims that he was from NJC (Top school right?) and apparently he could not answer many of my student’s questions or his answers contain many mistakes. Again, no materials prepared, just like a doctor who charges high consultation fee for misdiagnosis.

So to the students and parents out there, be very careful in your choice of tutors. Being a current school teacher does not mean that they are up to standard. Either they are inexperienced and just want to earn more money (which is against MOE’s policy) or they just do not have the time to do lesson preparation and planning for you (or your kid) yet charging such a high fee for the label ” MOE TEACHER”.

Do arrange for a trial lesson (free if you can negotiate) and these are some suggestions from me on how to gauge if a tutor is competent.

1) In 2 hour lesson, he must be able to answer several questions from school work. If 2 hours the tutor only went through 2 questions then it shows that the lesson is not effective. Being school work, a competent tutor should be able to start explaining within 5 min as school work are usually more routine and most questions should be familiar with the tutor.

2) A good tutor should always keep in contact with the student, asking what is the school’s progress and do lesson planning with the student to meet his / her needs. Additional worksheets should be prepared at all times and given to students whenever necessary.

Feel free to ask me questions about tuition in general, I will be happy to assist you.

Mr Ang

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whenever necessary to aid in his revision. Sitting down with just a pen is not being helpful.