Really busy revamping my resources

I did not have much time updating my website as currently I am busy lecturing and conducting lessons during day time and giving private tuition in the evening and weekends. Basically I am physically in a lesson for more than 40 hours a week, excluding all the time spent during my “free” time preparing for lessons.

Currently I am busy revamping my H2 Math worksheets, trying to create worksheets through my own coaching style and selecting questions from various top school’s tutorials. I am not sure if this new style of worksheet will help alot in student’s learning but the initial feedback from my students have been positive.

Basically instead of just arranging questions based on level of difficulty, I am creating worksheets with questions whereby similar questions are grouped together. This set of worksheets serve as a quick refresher course for students, especially on the topics that hasn’t been covered for some time, before venturing into exam level questions.

For example, I will group all the questions in vectors related to calculating angles in one section. This is to let students see what are the possible questions about angles that can be asked (angles between vectors, lines, planes and mixture) and also to see that certain concepts are actually almost identical, hence there is no need to memorise blindly as if they are totally different.

It is actually a challenge to prepare students for exams in just 4 to 6 lessons when there are still ongoing topics in school and students basically forgot the stuff taught ages ago. So hopefully my refresher worksheets achieve the objective of “effective revision of fundamentals in the minimal time possible”.