Just some thoughts whenever I see tuition ads

You can say I am posting this because these are my “rivals”. I just have mixed feelings, probably as a former teacher, when I see these tuition adverts. I believe I am the type of part time tutor that wish for the good of the students and the education system will improve and not just for the sake of money.

I admit that I do collect fees as I need to feed my family too but no matter what I still think there should be ethics maintained in the tuition industry.

I saw this advertisement and a few things come to my mind.


1) What are the OCBC cheques for? Why is money involved?

2) Looking at the uniforms I think it is pretty expected the students from the top JCs should be scoring As (which I cannot see from the certs).



Having current JC lecturers seem to be a very good marketing point to the interested parents. BUT….

What if you are the parent whose child is under these teacher’s care and are not doing so great. Will you feel good that these teachers are spending time earning money and coaching other students, instead of spending more time fulfilling their core duty of nurturing their own school students? I shall assume that the students are not attending their own teachers’ tuition lessons.

When the ministers or MP voice their concerns about current teachers taking tuition job, I believe they have a point. Teachers are complaining that they have too much work to do, not enough rest time, yet how come these teachers still can afford time for earning extra money? My take is that the number of hours is fixed, to allocate time for part time job means something else has been sacrificed, hopefully not at the school’s or students’ expense.

Finally: are they even real current JC lecturers? Parents must ask to view their certificates for verification. There have been cases of tutors faking to be JC lecturers.

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