Review: Edusnap Part 2 (Not so great afterall)

I have reviewed Edusnap probably 2 weeks ago and I found the app to be noble in idea on how students are able to receive academic help from kind souls anytime. Edusnap was also featured in the news a couple of days ago.

However being one of the more active people offering help to people in need, I realised that this app has a serious downside: People abuse it to get answers to questions without any / minimal effort on their own.

This app, used in the hands of the wrong people have made them more lazy and reliant on others.

I took a snapshot of one of the requestor:


I may be wrong but it seems to me that this person is simply asking people to do his / her homework so that he / she can submit in time tomorrow.

Not just that : The creators of Edusnap mentioned that the helpers should offer hints and not spoon feed the solutions. However there seems to be no moderator around to deter such behaviour.

It may be a “hype” using technology but is it really helpful to all? Or is it merely a form of entertainment compared to handwriting and wrecking one’s brain to find the solutions on his / her own?

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