Read this if you are a student from Millennia Institute

I was discussing with a student from MI who wanted to join my tuition class and I was having quite a headache whether to accept him. The main reason is because of MI’s weird math syllabus.

In my previous blog I commented on how it’s not a very good idea to teach vectors (practiced by PJC and NYJC) as it is one of the hardest topic for pure math. MI chose to begin with Complex Numbers, the other hardest topic for Pure Math. Not only that, it is the first time I have seen a school teaching complex numbers, inequalities followed by graphing techniques.

This is actually a bad syllabus in my opinion for a few reasons:

1) When we deal with loci, especially one involving a circle, we can deal with it using either geometry (which alot of students are weak) or we can borrow the concept of Conics (covered in graphing techniques) to help us. Without learning graphing techniques, students are basically left with the option to deal using geometry.

2) Inequalities is dealt using either number line method (algebraic) or graphical approach. Again students not familiar with graphing techniques will be at a big disadvantage.

3) Students trying to find tuition can most likely rely on 1 to 1 tuition (expensive) as tuition centres mostly follow JC 2 year syllabus instead of 3, also most schools usually start with sequences & series or graphing techniques. Complex  numbers is usually taught in year 2.

I told the student to join my class and try it out. He will learn some topics in advance and when MI teaches those topics, it will be a revision.

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