A Level Tuition by Former JC Lecturer


Discover the SECRET(*click) of improving your child’s A Level results from U to B or even A in H1 or H2 Mathematics.


Introducing my very own “A la carte” style of small group tuition, not commonly adopted in Singapore.


Here’s how your child may benefit

  • The student can choose the topics to revise every week according to his / her learning needs.
  • Revision worksheets from top JCs’ tutorials and exam questions will be provided and get instant help from the tutor on 1 to 1 basis.
  • Your child will be trained to be independent learner and learn the essential skills and strategies to tackle examinations. Mastery of subject is done through critical thinking and understanding of concepts, not by pure drilling.


What are you waiting for?

SMS / CALL 81502027 or Whatsapp 94385929 for more details now!


Latest Schedule!* CLICK ON THE LINK*

Past Students’ results 




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